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  1. Sir I don’t know your involvement in putting this great Music night together and I refer to the Saturday 03-Aug -2013 the FISHTANK opened Air “free” Unique style.. I wish to thank you so much for another great entertainment night in this great town town of Kimberley.
    //Signed// Lou & friends.

    • Hi, I can’t take any credit for this great performance. I put the word out there to try and attract an audience. The credit must go to the nameless souls in the Kimberley First Saturday Committee.

    • Hi,
      Here is my direct email address
      It is a little tricky to get right. “parahaki” is the name of ancient Maori fortification outside Whangerai in New Zealand. We lived there for a year in the early 80s.
      The photos in the teaser look good and the festival looks like it will be a winner. If you are talking to Kevin Crawford ask him if he needs me to send him some Canadian care packages of Tim Hortons donuts.
      Have fun and enjoy the music.

      Rod Wilson

  2. Hi Rod

    So nice to see you in Cranbrook for our “Get Back to the Groove” show on June 20.

    Thank you very much for the CD. What a great collection of music. I always loved Bud Shanks playing.

    Cheers, Doug

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