Kevin Turner, Luthier

Kevin Turner is a Luthier working out of Coleman Alberta. Some local East Kootenay musicians have had work done on their instruments with outstanding results. He can be contacted by

Phone:  (403) 563-3504

Mail at PO. Box# 1228,Coleman, Alberta  TOK OMO.

His street address is   7539 17 Avenue Coleman, Crowsnest Pass, AB

His website is Chinook Guitars


2 thoughts on “Kevin Turner, Luthier

  1. Hi Kevin, just wanted to see how you I are and how Scout is. You might be interested in a site called a very famous guy we have here in Costa Rica. I understand he has some really old Brazilian rosewood which of course is more valuable than gold. Hope you are well.

  2. Hey Kevin, thought of you and your beautiful guitar that you showed me back at L&M , Dragon Fly inlay if I recall, one of your early guitars if memory serves about 9 -10 yrs ago !!!! Remember me? Before that we knew each other from MCC. Anyways, wanted to send you a note to say hi and check out your guitars, but no website or info.
    All the best.
    Send me a note if you can.

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