Joshua Burning


The name of the band,“Joshua Burning”,  is a nod towards the legendary country singer Gram Parsons who, upon his death, wished to have his ashes spread over the landscape in California’s Joshua Tree National Park. When he died, as we all must do eventually, his body was stolen from L.A.X. international airport by his best buddy, Phil Kaufman and taken to Joshua Tree Park where it was incinerated with a jerry can of high test gasoline. All of this was illegal and against park policy and for his efforts Kaufman was fined $750 for the theft of the coffin. Now that’s something that should be in the movies.

Garnet Waite has been on the Kimberley music scene for many years and has the guitar chops, the writing skills, the looks and the voice of a classic country singer. If he had of moved to Calgary in his youth, brought a white Stetson, cowboy boots and a big silver buckle he would probably be a big country star by now.




Keith Larsen is a big burly blue-collar type of guy who looks the part of a country performer when he launches into some of his blazing runs on guitar or mandolin.  Keith , a Scandinavian immigrant (private joke) from way back is best known for his prodigious skills on guitar, mandolin, dobro, harmonica and banjo. He skips easily back and forth between classic rock, bluegrass and various forms of acoustic music. Keith is also currently an integral part of “The Kootenay Special”. This is a solid straight ahead Bluegrass band that backs up Creston  singer/song writer  Elena Yeung. Heather Gemell also used Keith Larsen for lead guitar work on “The Heat” and “Driven”, two tracks on her CD “The Road”.

The music of “Joshua Burning” is basically funky country roots music with original material and covers of music some what distant from the country side of life. Of particular note is their cover of the classic narrative motor cycle song, “Vincent Black Lightning”. Originally done by the British folk rocker Richard Thompson, Garnet has owned this song for many years and has the definitive local version. Keith Larsen is also no slouch on this tune and together they bring “red molly” to life on the back of that Vincent Black Lightning motor cycle.  Their repertoire is extensive and includes the songs of Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Led Zepplin, Old Crow Medicine Show (“Wagon Wheels”) and last but not least a classic Garnet original called called “Highwater Channel”.


Joshua Burning is a thoroughly professional Country / Roots band that is available for pubs, clubs, receptions, social functions and private parties. For more information and bookings contact Garnet Waite at
or by phone at 250-427-1666





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