60 Hertz

GENRE: Original Folk/Rock

The Trio

The musicians in 60 Hertz are old friends and veterans of the music scene. Musically they all date back to the days of afros, red satin jump suits and the British Band  Invasion of the late 60’s. Over the years they have seen some of world together in various bands of one form or another and have also each taken time away from the business to raise families. How fortunate that of late they have all wound up in the right place at the right time.

Though they did grow up and get a start with music back then, the name 60 Hertz came neither from the decade nor their ages but from the unlikely occurrence of an electric fence generating a sound (frequency) that annoyed and interfered with rehearsals. Despite that initial sonic interference they booted the sheep out of James’ barn, built a recording studio and laid down some tracks. The original music of 60 Hertz (lyrics and music written by James and arranged by the band), best described as roots rock and folk rock, draws from a storied history and is presented in an honest, simple and personal way. They  attempt and succeed in connecting with audiences in ways it can relate and move to. Their first CD entitled “Time Stands Still” was released in June of 2011.

The members of the band are the lead vocalist, story teller and romantic is James Neve. His vocals and solid riff based rhythms are delivered on a much loved and cherished Larrivee guitar has been on the road with James for many years. Despite some fairly major surgery a broken internal brace this vintage guitar continues to grow and mature. Occasionally it gets a rest when James switches to his other work horse a Godin electric guitar.

Dave Birch (vocals and bass) has been playing music with James for nearly 40 years. As a result of their long standing musical relationship, a love of good melodic lines and affection for the music of the Beatles, Crowded House and Dire Straights they have managed to create and sustain a tight weave of vocal and instrumental lines.

James and Dave began 60 Hertz as a duo but decided they needed some ‘groove juice’ and who better than Robert Young to provide the missing lubricant. Robert, a masterful lead guitar player and vocalist first joined as an occasional long distance member then moved “home” to Kimberley to take up a full time spot. For more information or bookings contact James Neve at 250-427-4882 or email him at familyneve@gmail.com

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