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Córdoba, from Cantos de España Op. 232, No. 4  performed by the The Assad Brothers
Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz y Pascual; 29 May 1860 – 18 May 1909) was a Spanish pianist, composer and conductor. Although he never wrote for the guitar many of his compositions have passed into the classical guitar repertoire via transcriptions. The Brazilian brothers Sérgio and Odair Assad have performed as a duo for many years.


BACH CHACONNE –  11 STRING GUITAR “the most perfect single piece of music ever written”

Performed By Moran Wasser. He uses a capo on the treble strings and leaves the bass strings unchanged. This effectively makes the instrument into an AltoGuitar.

“I arranged the Chaconne in Em many years ago. Em is as resonant as Dm on 6 string and a similar level of difficulty but Em allows one of my favorite passages to have a middle pedal as it does on the violin (A note equivalent to 3rd string 2nd fret) as an open B. When I got an 8 string I tried it in Cm (the open pedal = open G 3rd string) and it works quite well in that key. But the 11 string made me go back to Em as I can play the bass line integral to much of the work with the low open basses (E,D,C,B,A occurs or is hinted at often in the minor sections).

My 11 string is pitched in E so I can play normal guitar ensemble music and because I prefer the pitch.” – Wikipedia

After listening and watching this version of the Chaconne on the 11 String guitar to my ear the traditional 6 string version sounds a little thin – rod wilson.

More Bach by Moran Wasser


J.S. Bach on 8-string guitar. Adagio and Fuga BWV 1003  performed By Drew Henderson


(Shades of Ida Presti and Alexander LaGoya)



Bach Cromatic Fantasia and Fugue – BWV 903 – for Guitar – Christophe Dejour



La Catedral (Allegro Solemne)



Night Music – performed by Katalin Koltai (Note the innovative single string capos)



Performed by Emre Sabuncuoglu (note the use of the glass slide)

Originally scored for Solo Violin – performed by Christopher Dejour


BOCCHERINI, Luigi   February 19, 1743 – May 28, 1805)

Introduction and Fandango



Sonata del Caminante – performed by Odair Assad (audio only)

Juan Leovigildo Brouwer Mezquida (born March 1, 1939) is a Cuban composer, c



1. John Dowland – A Fancy, P5 0:00 (note the capo at 2nd fret) 2. Manuel Ponce – Sonata Romantica: II. Andante 2:18 3. Domenico Scarlatti – Sonata K.53 in D Major 7:35 4. Dusan Bogdanovic – Sonata No. 3 11:18

American classical guitarist Xavier Jara (1993), is the 1st prize winner of the 2016 GFA International Concert Artist Competition.  A native of Minnesota, Jara was a student of Alan Johnston at the MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis until 2011 when he moved to Paris, France to study with Judicaël Perroy.

Jara studied in Paris for six years with Perroy.  During this time he completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris where he also studied with French guitarist Olivier Chassain, and lute master Eric Bellocq.  He received 1st place in a number of international competitions including the Viseu International Competition (2014), the Boston Guitarfest (2014), the Gargnano, Italy Competition (2015), the Ciudad de Coria Competition (2015), and the Tokyo International Competition (2016).  In 2016, Jara returned home to the United States to win the prestigious Guitar Foundation of America’s Rose Augustine Grand Prize.

Jara’s 2017-2018 concert tour began in September 2017.  He performed more than 50 concerts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala & Panama, including a concert at Carnegie Hall (April 5, 2018). Currently, he is pursuing a Masters degree at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has recently performed in Central America and Japan.


Performed by Katalin Koltai


Granados, Enrique – Danzas Españolas Op. 37 – No. II Oriental

Enrique Granados Campiña (27 July 1867 – 24 March 1916)



(August 3, 1917 – April 18, 1986) was a Venezuelan musician, considered to be one of the foremost South American composers for the guitar in the 20th century.





JOQUIN RODRIGO (1901 – 1999)

Adam Cicchillitti plays Toccata (1933) by Joaquin Rodrigo. Rodrigo’s Toccata was discovered in the archives of guitarist Regino Sainz de la Maza over 80 years after it was written. The piece is more popularly known as the first movement of the Concierto de Estio for solo violin. Recorded in Toronto in May 2019 at the church of St. Mary Magdalene.


SERGIO ASSAD (born 26 December 1952) Brazilian composer and arranger


 Alonso Mudarra (c. 1510 – April 1, 1580) was a  Spanish composer of the Renaissance and also played the vihuela, a  guitar shaped string instrument. He was an innovative composer of instrumental music as well as songs, and was the composer of the earliest surviving music for the guitar.

Peformed by Moran Wasser on an 11-string guitar.



Hopkinson Smith playing a Baroque Guitar

His compositions provide some of the most important examples of popular Spanish baroque music for the guitar and now form part of classical guitar pedagogy. Sanz’s manuscripts are written as tablature for the baroque guitar and have been transcribed into modern notation by numerous guitarists and editors; Emilio Pujol‘s edition of Sanz’s Canarios being a notable example. Gaspar Sanz strongly influenced some twentieth-century composers.

Note the Daf frame drum.

Smaro Gregoriadou transcribed and interprets Canarios from Suite Espagnole by G.Sanz. The work is played on a high-pitched triple-double-single course pedal guitar in re-entrant tuning tuned in octaves or double octaves. It features Kertsopoulos Aesthetics ( ), an internationally acclaimed platform of original inventions in the fields of classical guitar construction, history and tradition. It is engaged to revive older sounds and forms of guitar and strings, as well as tuning practices of early instruments, using totally novel, prototype, original materials and technologies conceived by George Kertsopoulos. Being the official representative of Kertsopoulos Aesthetics worldwide, Smaro Gregoriadou is engaged to “reinvent”, ie redefine the sound and technique of the classical guitar, enhancing the instrument’s repertory -new or old, original or transcribed- with a new life and meaning. This yields her personal interpretative, stylistic and aesthetic perspective, a novel proposal for every different historic era or composer. Live in Athens.


FERNANDO SOR (14 February 1778 – died 10 July 1839)

Op.35, #18 / Op.60, #22 / Op.60, #23..


ALEXANDRE TANSMAN 12 (June 1897 – 15 November 1986) 

Andrea De Vitis plays Danza Pomposa

Alexandre Tansman (12 June 1897 – 15 November 1986) was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of Jewish origin. He spent his early years in his native Poland, but lived in France for most of his life, being granted French citizenship in 1938. His Polish identity influenced several orchestral and chamber works, such as Rapsodie polonaise and Quatre Danses polonaises, and some guitar works, such as Hommage à Lech Walesa and Hommage à Chopin. His music is often said to be primarily neoclassical, drawing on his Polish Jewish heritage as well as his French musical influences


FRANCISCO TARREGA (21 November 1852 – 15 December 1909) was a Spanish composer and classical guitarist of the Romantic Period.




Contemporary Composer and Classical Guitarist