MILAN, LUIS ( 1500-1561) – FANTASIAS

Luys Milán (1500-1561) Luis de Milan
Music of the Spanish Renaissance performed on the Vihuela, a popular instrument of the time. Fantasias I – VI from the great collection El Maestro (Libro de música de vihuela de mano intitulado El maestro), the first collection of vihuela music in history. Performed on Renaissance Vihuela by Polivios. Vihuela built by Barbara Ferloni

The vihuela de mano is the Spanish version of the lute. It has six courses (double strings) plus a single string, tuned like a lute: G C F A D G==OR== C F Bb D G C.




Michal Gondko plays “Recercare” by Francesco Spinacino (from his Intabolatura de Lauto, Libro Primo, Venice, 1507) and “Rossina, Ain welscher dantz” (from Hans Judenkünig, Ain schone kunstliche underweisung, Vienna, 1523).

Preceeded here by a rhapsodic “Recercare” by Francesco Spinacino, “Rossina” – which needs not to be Hans Judenkünig’s own composition – is strongly related to the fifteenth-century dance tenor “Voltate in ça Rosina” (in Guglielmo Ebreo / Giovanni Ambrosio da Pesaro, “De practica seu arte tripudii”).

Instrument: 6-course viola da mano by Alexander Batov, reconstructed from the painting “Madonna and Child with Saints” (ca. 1520) by Girolamo dai Libri (1474/75-1555) in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York.