8, 10, 11 String Guitar

History of the Guitar

8 String Guitar – The Adagio and Fuga from J.S. Bach’s second Sonata for Solo Violin BWV 1003.performed by Drew Henderson

Rob MacKillop in harp sharp tuning, one of the transitional tunings between the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Treble to bass: c# a f# d a e d b. Stock strings.

11 String Guitar – The Bach Chaconne performer Moran Wasser.

J.S.Bach – Cello Suite No.6 – BWV 1012 – Prélude
11 String Guitar – Moran Wasser

13 – String Guitar built by This 13 String guitar was made by Lucio Núñez. The guitar is tuned like a baroque lute, and in this case (Weiss Suite 34 in Dm) f d a F D A G F E D C Bb A.

Mark Bueno – Weiss Suite 34

0:00 I Prelude 2:00 II Allemande 4:19 III Courante 5:14 IV Bourrée 6:13 V Minuet I 6:51 VI Sarabande 8:18 VII Minuet II 8:42 VIII Gigue

Solo-Aufnahmen von Andreas Koch.
Silvius Leopold Weiss: Passagaille (Passacaglia) D-dur gespielt in C
Aus der neuen CD: 11 and 13 strings Baroque

Andreas Koch solo
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Air D-dur * (BWV 1068) gespielt in Es
Aus der CD: 11 and 13 strings baroque


Anonymus 16. Jhdt. / 16th Century – Le Rossignol
Duo Accords Galants: Katja Fernholz-Bernecker , Andreas Koch
11-saitige Gitarre / 11 string guitar – Georg Bolin Altgitarre / Altoguitar