Celtic Music

Scottish Ice Dancing

Mary and the Highland Soldier

Arthur McBride



THE FOGGY DEW – Daoiri Farrell (Irish Bozouki


l’air Mignonne (Canadian Sunshine) / Luke Skywalker Walks on Sunshine performed by Imar

Flook perform ‘The Beehive’, ‘Poon Hill’ and Jay Ungar’s ‘Vladimir’s Steamboat’ at the Bath Folk Festival 2015.

FLOOK and a tune called Sharig

FLOOK and a tune called Rubik

FLOOK – The Road to Erogie

FLOOK – Wrong Foot Forward (a tune in 7/4)

FLOOK – Sleeping Tortoise / Pressed for Time


Note the bass clarinet in the Quartet sessions.


Ye Vagabonds – Lowlands of Holland

I think the following set is Muireann’s Jig / Farewell to WhalleyRange / The Old Blackthorn

Leaving Uist / Lochaber Badger

Note above – John Doyle is playing an Irish Bouzouki with a guitar body

Michael McGoldrick’s / Willy Coleman’s / The Funky Spider by Kasír

1.Mist on the Mountains” .
2.The Bass Rock