Chloe and Jason Roweth

ChloĆ« Roweth (born 1972)[1] and Jason Roweth (born 1969)[1] are Australian singers and instrumentalists who perform folk music, original and contemporary music.”[2] Their CD A Voice that was Still was awarded the National Folk Recording Award for 2010 by the National Film and Sound Archive[3] at the Australian National Folk Festival.

Chloƫ Roweth was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and went to Australia with her family in 1984. She met Jason Roweth at university in 1991 and they later married.[1]

Jason Roweth was born in Newcastle, New South Wales and was interested in music, musical instruments and composing songs from an early age. He gained first place in the music course for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate at Red Bend Catholic College, Forbes, New South Wales. He moved to Sydney in 1986, seeking to become a professional musician.[1]