Uncle Bill’s Story – reprise


This is a more complete version of Uncle Bill’s Story that was sent to me recently (2021) by my Australian cousins. In this version Uncle Bill fleshes out his life growing up on the farm followed by his wartime experiences. When World War II war broke out, Uncle “Bill” (Lindsay), my mother’s brother, was one of 14 children in a large Irish/ Australian family living on the the Western Plains of New South Wales (Australia). So he and his brother Hector were just a couple of Aussie farm boys who went off to fight the Japanese in New Guinea. This is Uncle Bill’s story and it came about because when he retired he applied for his veteran’s benefits and, for what ever reason, he was refused. He went to his local Member of Parliament and asked her to pursue the matter on his behalf. As part of that process she asked Uncle Bill to document his military service.  This is the documentation he provided to support his application for his veteran’s benefits. The remainder of the story documents his post WWII life in Australia.


Postscript: Here are some photos that Maree found of the property where Uncle Bill grew up …..