The Merchant of Venice

 Shylock - Dean Nicholson


a play written by

William Shakespeare

directed by Dean Nicholson

sets by Paul Kershaw

cast of over 20 actors, high drama, high comedy, gorgeous costumes

 The Key City Theatre

January 24, 25, 26, 31, February 1, 2, 2013, 7:30 pm

Tickets – $20

The Merchant of Venice is William Shakespeare’s play that could have been more aptly titled Shylock – The Defamation of a Jew. It is a play that could not be written under present day circumstances. Political correctness wouldn’t allow it, the Jewish community would not accept it and audiences would find it offensive. But, it was written hundreds of years ago in a different place and in a different time and, time as they say moves on, to the point where audiences can distance themselves from some of the racial overtones of the play. Besides, there is more to the play than the racism. As usual with Shakespeare’s plays nothing is that straightforward. There are the interactions and convolutions of  plot and characters. The thrust and parry of lovers trust and betrayal, rebellious children, honor in the mercantile world and then there is the knotty problem of the law versus  justice. In and around the major themes there is the spaghetti tangle of a myriad little dramatic and comedic motifs that make Shakespeare just that, Shakespeare. As usual, this local production is great fun with a big cast, a great set and gorgeous costumes. What makes it stand out as a production is the comedic value of the modern electronic devices and  stereotypes  that, while seemingly out of context, actually appear to be exactly in context. This was a stroke of comedic brilliance. All in all, this is a fun production that is well worth seeing. By all means go and enjoy a wonderful night of Shakespeare. Here are some images from the full dress rehearsal:

Shylock - Dean Nicholson     Antonio (Dave Prinn)    Shylock - Dean Nicholson       Portia - Kimberley Davidson      Salarino - Mark Casey    Page - Will Nicholson   Shylock - Dean Nicholson       Bossanio and Antonio - Jerrod Bondy and David Prinn     Portia - Kimberley Davidson   Morocco / Arragon - Josh Klassen       Portia and Nerissa      Shylock and Tubal (Alan McBean)  Lorenzo (Graham McBean) and Jessica (Danielle Nicholson)      Morocco / Arragon - Josh Klassen      Portia - Kimberley Davidson  Shylock - Dean Nicholson      Morocco / Arragon - Josh Klassen     Gratiano (Drew McGowan) and Nerissa (Michelle Heinz)    Bossanio - Jerrod Bondy       Page - Will Nicholson      Old Gobbo - Barry Coulter     Jessica - Danielle Nicholson       Shylock - Dean Nicholson     Portia - Kimberley Davidson  Lancelot (Jeff Cooper) and Old Gobbo (Barry Coulter)      Nerissa (Michielle Heinz) in disguise      Portia (Kimberley Davidson) in disguise   Shylock - Dean Nicholson      Bossanio - Jerrod Bondy     Shylock and Bassanio   Antonio, Gratiano, and Bassanio      Salarino - Mark Casey      Portia and Nerissa                Shylock, Bossanio and Antonio    Lorenzo (Graham McBean) and Jessica (Danielle Nicholson)               Portia (Kimberley Davidson) and Nerissa (Michelle Heinz)    Curtain call



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