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This is the press release and it pretty well says it all – it is a great show with lots of laughs. Give yourself treat – spend a night at the Studio / Stage Door.

Skin Flick is 50 Shades of Funny:  The final production of Cranbrook Community Theatre’s (CCT) season featuring plays by Canadian playwrights ends with Skin Flick, a comedic romp written by Norm Foster.  This hilarious one-liner comedy features a married couple and their friend united by unfortunate circumstance. When Rollie and Daphne suddenly lose their jobs and are facing unemployment, an opportunity presents itself that they just can’t refuse. Making a “skin flick” or adult film might not be the first thing that newly jobless professionals decide to throw their last remaining funds into, but after discovering how lucrative the porn industry is, they decide to go for it. With their crude yet savvy cameraman friend, Alex, Rollie and Daphne recruit improbable movie stars in Byron, an awkward bookie, and Jill, a feisty telegram performer.  Norm Foster creatively uses Rollie’s character to narrate parts of the story for the audience. Despite the title of the play, there’s no nudity involved in Skin Flick; rather, Foster uses innuendo and suggestion to tell his tale which results in more than a few laugh-out-loud moments.

Skin Flick features phenomenal local talent on-stage and in the director’s chair. No stranger to heart-warming and funny plays, Bob McCue puts his director’s cap back on for Skin Flick after directing CCT’s highly successful production of Steel Magnolias in 2012. Starring Patrick Baranowski and Tracy McGuire, the cast rounds out with Bob Wakulich, Jerrod Bondy, and Lisa Aasebo.

Don’t miss this highly entertaining production running May 1 & 2, 6-9 and 13-16! Tickets can be purchased at Lotus Books or at the door and all shows start at 8:00 p.m. There is a stair lift available for those with mobility issues. Please call the Stage Door office at 250-426-2490 to book the stair lift in advance. This production is intended for adult audiences – mature content and language.


The Cast of Characters: The husband and wife team of Rollie and Daphne Waters

Patrick Baranowski with his comedic face and Rollie Waters played by Patrick Baranowskipersona plays the soon to unemployed Rollie Waters. His wife Daphne Waters, who is also currently unemployed,  is played by Tracy McGuire Daphne Waters played by Tracey McGuire

And, of course, every guy has a more than slightly worn best buddy. In Rollie’s case he has  Alex Tratt played by Bob Wakulicha now also unemployed TV camera man, called Alex Tratt played by Bob Wakulich. Alex has been fired because his attempts to correct the wardrobe “blouse malfunction” of a well proportioned female newscaster has been misconstrued as “fondling”. Unfortunately this was on screen at the time so it was pretty hard to deny. Also, true to form, the “more than slightly worn buddy” has a significant debt with a less than proficient “Bookie”, called Byron Hobbs, played by Jerrod Bondy. Byron Hobbs Byron has inherited the family business and, despite his snappy appearance, doesn’t have the muscle to make a success of the business.

Last, but not least, the Greeting Card Delivery Person Jill (I am not sure exactly of the  Jill the greeting card girl played by Lisa Aasebojob descriptor) is played by Lisa Aasebo. Jill is less than thrilled with her career choice and is also soon to be unemployed. There you have it; a quartet of economically less than successful protagonists thrown together in what may turn out to be fortuitous circumstances. During the course of the play this unlikely quartet stumbles on a possible solution to their economic troubles. There is money to be made in Porn videos. Without giving too much away here are some images from the dress rehearsal.

The Situations

Alex Tratt played by Bob Wakulich“With my camera on my shoulder I reached out and tried to correct a blouse malfunction.”

 Alex Tratt and Rollie Waters  Alex, Rollie and Daphne  Jill - Greeting Card Phase  Rollie and Jill

Casting interviews and rehearsals

 The casting interview  Jill role playing

Jill    in Rehearsal    in rehearsal      Cameraman Alex Tratt played by Bob Wakulich   in rehearsal   Alex and Jill        Jill     Jill Post-shoot   Dapne post - shooting    Byron after the shoot  Byron and Jill post-shoot       Rollie and Daphne happy with the results

“All’s well that ends well”

The new Byron   Daphne  A happy ending  Rollie - curtain call  Curtain call   Rollie and Daphne - curtain call                         

Once again Cranbrook Community Theatre has another winner with lots of color, lots of costumes, lots of humor and ………. a rollicking good time.


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