Blue Moon Marquee at Studio 64

The Third Concert in the Studio 64 Spring Series – Blue Moon Marquee : Saturday May 23, 2015, 8pm.

100. Blue Moon Marquee

In any story about the blues, the classic blues singer  Ma Rainy explained with a refreshing lack of decorative affectation: “You got the St. Louie Blues, the Chicago blues, the gin house blues, the my-man-done-left-me blues. They all the same song with the same three chords. And you done heard ’em a dozen hundred times from a dozen hundred people. So what makes folks wanna hear it from you?” She was right of course. You can play the same old story but you have to give it a little unique twist to get peoples attention. I think Blue Moon Marquee manages to do just that.The blues is not a complex musical form. Lyrically it is just a three stanza form – a single line repeated then a final variant line. Musically it uses three basic chords. 200. A.W.CardinalSo really there is not much to it and yet here we are 50+ years down the road from the classic era and musicians continue milk inspiration from the blues. Blue Moon Marquee are a couple of young musicians from High River, Alberta that have added their own particular twist to the tradition. A.W. Cardinal is the guitar player and singer with a voice akin to broken glass underfoot in a bar room brawl. Jasmine Colette is “the little white girl 306. Jasmine Colettewith the big fiddle” (or so the aboriginal kids called her in the Yukon on a tour up there last winter). Jasmine or “Jassy” claims to have only recently taken up upright bass and like all bass players she has her own little unique dance going with that big cumbersome instrument. Have you noticed all bass players have a dance thing going on when they perform? Jasmine adds some percussion to the mix with a Hi-hat, pedal brush snare and a bass drum. The result is a surprisingly full sound for just a duo. There is just enough percussion to add accents and make the music interesting. Their theme for the night was “booze and Blues” somewhat inspired by a raucous gig in Nelson the night before. The music was a mixture of originals and some classic tunes such as Charlie Patton’s Shake it and Break It and the ever popular St James Infirmary.  Unlike the deep south  Alberta does not have cotton fields but is does have  pipe lines. As an Alberta boy A.W.  did his share of labor in the the oil patch so it was fitting for him to  perform “Moon” Mulligan’s Pipeliners Blues.  Here are some images from the evening:

212. A.W. Cardinal    218a. A.W. Cardinal  216. A.W. Cardinal302. Jasmine Colette224. A.W. Cardinal254. A.W. Cardinal300a. Jasmine Colette   316. Jasmine Colette   332. Jasmine Colette214. A.W. Cardinal    200a. A.W. Cardinal    218. A.W. Cardinal   266. A.W. Cardinal   322. Jasmine Colette  340. Jasmine Colette  342. Jasmine Colette330. Jasmine Colette

Once again the the organizing committee have hit the jackpot with another amazing concert. They would like to thank the following sponsors and volunteers: The Burrito Grill, Mountain Spirit Resort, “The Bulletin”, Christine, Irma, Ray (for sound and lights) and Rod Wilson (photography). The MC was Keith Nicholas.

Note: That Studio 64 is the downs stairs room in Centre 64.


Here is a little taste of what we experienced at the concert – a Youtube video of Sugar Dime   and Driftin’.


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  1. Thanks for the amazing photography and the great feedback again. It was a very enjoyable performance and everybody from the audience left with a big smile on their face.
    Our Fall Jazz&Blues Series is starting on September 5th with the Gabriel Palatchi Band, followed by the Tyler Hornby Trio on September 26th, Alittle Voodoo on October 17th and Andrea Superstein on November 20th. For more details check our website

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