Unwelcome House Guests

Have I told you this story? No? Well here it is. My encounter with a vicious ” wild beastie” in the jungles of British Columbia.

Mae (my wife) and I were watching TV when we heard a noise down by the front door. When I checked there was a cute Chipmunk perched on the jackets in the clothes rack by the door. He may have looked cute but there was a blood lust in those big cute eyes. We quickly closed all the internal house doors and opened the one to the outside. So, armed with a broom I organized myself to do battle. I tried knocking him off his perch but as each jacket fell to the floor he skipped back onto the one behind  until finally there was only one last jacket left. I thought it would then be an easy case of knocking him off that last jacket onto the floor and he would then scramble out the door. Not so. The “wee beastie” decided to make a fight of it. As I poked him he leaped off the last jacket, onto the broom and up the handle, over my face, lacerating my nose, then he made a mighty leap to the underside of the stairs. From there  I did manage to knock him onto the floor and then out the door. Although I was the victor he had extracted his vengeance. He left me with a face full of scratches and blood dripping on to the floor. I did manage to get the last laugh by trapping him a couple of days later and taking him up the road for be released into the wild. However, my last laugh may have been short lived. I got back to the house and I swear to God he beat me home. At least I thought it was him. Well it turned out it actually was two of his buddies or his extended family. They have been trying to move into the house ever since. So far they have managed to elude the trap and the battle continues. I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE. Hopefully without further blood shed……….. Rod Wilson

704. Tom and Jerri  706. Tom and Jerri710. Tom and Jerri


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