Making God Laugh – Dress Rehearsal

Cranbrook Community Theatre – Making God Laugh full dress rehearsal at the Studio Stage Door in Cranbrook. Wednesday October 7, 2015, 7:30pm.

MGL family A play written by Sean Grennan, Directed by Trevor Lundy, starring Melodie Hull as the mother Ruthie and Michael Prestwich as her husband Bill; Gina Martin as daughter Maddie, David Booth as older son Rick(y) and Woody McGuire as Father Tom, the youngest son.

Movies are about the wham, bam, bang factor with lot of action an unlikely plot twists. As a general rule, films do not emphasize inter-personal relationships and character development. Of course there are exceptions, but I think the general rule applies. Live theater does not lend itself to spectacular car crashes, chases, sinking ships and space Opera cliches. As a result plays tend to have more elements of  human relationships. That is the case with the latest Cranbrook Community Theatre production of Making God Laugh. Here, without giving too much away is the synopsis of the play – “Making God Laugh follows the lives of Bill and Ruthie and their three adult children through more than 30 years of holiday gatherings. Sometimes uproariously funny and other times very moving, the play examines all of the facets involved in being part of a crazy, messed up, but mostly normal, dysfunctional family.”

Tickets are available at Lotus Books and at the door for October 9, 10, 14,15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24 performances at the Studio Stage/ Door in Cranbrook.

Here are the images from the Dress Rehearsal:


114. Ruthie - Melodie Hull  102. Bill - Michael Prestwich  108. Madie - Gina Martin  110. Maddie and Ruthie  116. Maddie - Gina Martin  120. Ruthie and Bill  122. Ruthie - Melodie Hull   140. Ricky - David Booth   142. Maddie - Gina Martin  146. Thomas - Woody McGuire144. The dip  152. The Dip    138. Ruthie Hull  158. Gina Martin  162. Maddie and Ruthie   164. Maddie - Gina Martin  166. Maddie - Gina Martin170. IntermissionCHRISTMAS

200. Madie - Gina Martin   202. Bill - Michael Preswich  206. Ricky - David Booth208. Madie and Ricky  214. Ricky - David Booth216. Bill - Michael Prestwich220. Farther Tom - Woody McGuire218. Madie - Gina Martin  224. Ruthie, Ricky and Madie226. The Family  228. Ruthie and Bill 232. Ricky - David Booth   234. Ruthie - Melodie Hull  236. Ruthie and Ricky  240. Ricky - David Booth   244. Madie - Gina Martin  246- Ricky - David Booth 248. Ruthie - Melodie Hull  250. The family 

252. Intermission


302. The family at New Year    506. Ricky - David Booth508. Ricky and Ruthie  512. Ruthie -Melodie Hull  510. Ricky - David Booth514. Bill - Michael Preswich   518. Father Tom - Woody McGuire   526. Madie - Gina Martin530. Ruthie - Melodie Hull   532. Ruthie - Melodie Hull   534. Ruthie - Melodie Hull 540. Madie - Gina Martin     538. Father Tom and Ricky542. Madie - Gina Martin  544. The Family Portrait“EASTER” AND RECONCILIATION

600. Ruthie - Melodie Hull  602. Bill - Michael Prestwich  606. Madie and Bill 610. Rutie and Bill    614. The family622. Madie's Monologue  632. The family paortrait  634. encore 012. Header 2


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