“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” — Intense!!!!

Cat poster 4 x 6

Family politics and sibling rivalry have been around since the beginning of time. All the way from royalty right down to the neighbour just across the street it is one of life’s constants. From Shakespeare’s King Lear to the play that is currently on the stage of the Studio/Stage Door in Cranbrook it is the raw source material of great literature. Once again Director Terry Miller and the Cranbrook Community Theatre have stepped up to the plate and this time they have taken on the monumental Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams. For this undertaking Terry has enlisted the following actors in the following roles:

  • Jennifer Inglis as Margaret
  • Sean Swinwood as Brick
  • Alexander Gilmour as Big Daddy
  • Nicola Kaufman as Big Mama
  • Brent Gill as Gooper
  • Nikole Spring as Mae
  • Galen Olstead /Bob McCue as Reverend Tooker
  • Peter Schalk as Doctor Baugh

This is a big three act play that, with intermissions runs for three hours. Set in the delta plantation home of Big Daddy Pollitt in the summer of 1955 it covers all the big themes – sibling rivalry, thwarted professional ambitions and dreams, alcoholism, greed, mendacity, sexual desire and sexual confusion, illness and death. You name it and it’s all in there. Here are some images from the dress rehearsal on Wednesday January 13, 2016 –

200. Sean Swinwood as Brick    206. Jennifer Inglis as Margaret  204 Nicola Kaufman as Big Mama    214. Sean Swinwood as Brick   210. Nicola Kaufman as Big Mama

216. Jennifer Inglis as Margaret 230. Sean Swinwood as Brick  236. Jennifer Inglis as Margaret  232. Sean Swinwood as Brick  250. End of scene one302. Brent Gill as Gooper   306. Galen Olstead as Reverend Tooker  314. Gooper and Mae  318. Mae and Margaret    326. Jennifer Inglis as Margaret   328. Big Mama and Big Daddy312. Gooper, Mae and Big Daddy       338. Nicola Kaufman as Mae  336a. Big Daddy342. Brick and Big Daddy     346. Brick  355. Big Daddy   356. Big Daddy and Brick362a. Rev. Tooker  412. Mae and Gooper  414. Big Mama416. Peter Schalk as Doctor Baugh   420. Big Mama and Dr. Baugh   430. Peter Schalk as Dr. Baugh426. Mae Big Mama and Gooper438. Mae and Margaret  428. Big Mama   448. Big Mama and Gooper 502. Curtain106. Header three



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