Dave Prinn – Troubadour

Dave Prinn at the Heid Out in Cranbrook, July 21, 2016, 7pm

122a. Dave Prinn

In the Middle Ages the term Troubadour was applied to singers of lyrical love poetry. Of course in this current era of sex and lust it is a term that can longer be applied to any performer. The nearest modern day equivalent to the ancient troubadours is the modern day “singer/song writer”. There was a time during the sixties and 70’s when that gave rise to some sterling material. The likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and the Beatles may never be equaled. Since the creative hey day of that era I think the quality of material has gone some what into decline. There is till some original and interesting material out there but by and large singer/song writers with a modest amount of technical proficiency are a dime a dozen. Usually they are modestly talented performers looking for their big break into the entertainment industry. Although Dave does write the occasional song that is not his forte. He is not really a singer/song writer in the classic sense. To my mind he is an interpreter of the music that is all around us. In this day and age that is mostly classic rock and folk / rock.  He brings to the stage a huge repertoire of material that he manages to re-interpret, re-fashion and re-create into his own personal mix. He works hard at his craft and it showed on Thursday evening when the old musical gems of the recent past absolutely sparkled with his personal stamp. Having said all that he did kick off the night with his original Going Round in Circles before he settled into an evening that included Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding), Drift Away, Ahead by a Century (The Tragically Hip), Better Think Twice (Poco), With a Little Help from my Friends (The Beatles), Angel Eyes (Jeff Healey), Gong to be Home Soon (Crowded House), The Ballad of John and Yoko (The Beatles), and that is just a taste of what was in the first set. Always the consummate professional Dave only took a few short breaks throughout an evening of music that stretched from 7pm to 10 pm. Here are a few more images from a night of sterling music.

052. Dave Prinn100a. Dave Prinn050. Dave Prinn's guitar100. Dave Prinn  120. Dave Prinn  124a. Dave Prinn



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