THE LOVE BULLIES on the outdoor stage at Centre 64, Saturday Evening, August 6, 2016, 7:30 pm500. The Love Bullies

The Love Bullies – Shantal Vitals (guitar, vocals), Kevin Herring (Telecaster guitar), Joni Brent (Bass guitar, vocals), Caroline Connolly (lead vocals and flute) and Paul Jahn (drums) are back in town and this time I knew what to expect. They performed on Stage 64 (Centre 64) back in March of last year. At that time I was completely taken aback by the big hair, boots, and the polyester fashion statements from a bye gone era. Well on Saturday evening the ladies appeared just as tacky as the last time; Kevin Herring was still doing his best impression of “a man in black”, and the working man in the back was still the same drummer. As with their last visit they dished up a solid  evening of vintage pop that included Tunnel of Love, Stupid Cupid, Shake it all Over, These Boots Were Made for Walking, Uneasy Feeling, Hernando’s Hidaway, plus a whole lot of other well known songs of the pre-classic rock era. Sprinkled among the old pop standards they squeezed in  a couple of their original songs. The weather, despite heavy rains in the morning, was co-operative and gave the organizers a nice mild summer’s evening. Once the band got going the crowd showed their appreciation by getting up and dancing the night away. Below are some images from the evening.

216. Shantal Vitalis  222. Shantal and Kevin228. Caroline Connolly  236. Kevin Herring230. Joni Brent246. Caroline Connolly  250. Caroline Connolly254a. Kevin Herring258. Time to dance   300. Time for dancing256. Paul Jahn   260. Joni and Kevin268. Kevin Herring274. Shantal Vitali276. Kevin and Joni  284. Shantal and Kevin282. Joni Brent286. The ladies334a. Joni Brent292. Shantal Vitalis304. Caroline Connolly  310. Caroline Connolly308. Kevin Herring312. Joni Brent316. Joni Brent  318. Joni Brent324a. Joni Brent326. Caroline Connolly332. Shantal Vitalis  330. Joni Brent338. Kevin Herring   340. Caroline Connolly360. Kevin Herring353. Kevin Herring  336. Joni Brent368. Kevin Herring364. Joni Brent

So there you have it. A great show by a band that is most likely the “Most Entertaining Rock Band on the Planet”.


2 thoughts on “KIMBERLEY KALEIDOSCOPE FESTIVAL – The Love Bullies

  1. Hi Rodney,

    Caroline here from The Lovebullies how are you? We are finishing up artwork for our third record and looking for a really great high resolution photo of Kevin. I see there are some here that might work and my apologies if you sent them to us but I no longer have them.

    What would you require to share these in a dropbox with us?

    Also, if we were to use one how would you like your photo credit to read?


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