BJ’s Open Mic

OPEN MIC SESSION HOSTED BY DAVE PRINN at BJ’s Creekside Pub in Kimberley, Saturday November 3, 2012, 7:30 pm

“Jam Session”, “Open Mic” – is there a difference? To most people probably not but there is a slight difference in intent. “Jam sessions” are a hang over from the Jazz Age when musicians would get together and mostly improvise instrumental performances based on standard jazz tunes and tunes from “The Great American Song Book”. There was (is) an expectation that the performers have a thorough working knowledge of the melody and the chords. That still happens of course but as jazz has slipped into the background a modern day Jam session usually uses classic rock and popular music as vehicles for performances. In both Jazz and Rock Jam sessions performances are mostly unrehearsed and often musicians may have never before played together. There is always a high element of risk of things coming off the rails and ending in shambles. On the other hand if things work at their best there is the possibility of audiences being treated to one time incredible performances.   “Open Mic” sessions probably owe more to the traditions of the folk music era. It is usually implied that the performers have worked and rehearsed together and have come up with credible polished versions for the performance. Occasionally, sometimes quite often in fact, other musicians may join the performance and the result is a “jam session”. Of course, there is some etiquette involved and “crashing” a performance without permission may cause some unpleasantness. The Open Mic sessions at BJ’s Creekside Pub are held once a month and, depending on the host, will usually contain elements of both types of sessions. Such was the case on Saturday night. Dave Prinn is a solid solo act who is very generous with sharing the stage during an evening. He opened the night with a solo performance and was followed by Bill St.Amand playing his jazzy standards. During the evening Dave jammed with Paige Lennox and Fred on such Blue Grass standards as “Blackberry Blossom”. It is not often in this area that two banjo players grace the same stage at the same time. Yours truly (Rod Wilson) did the Celtic thing with some songs and instrumental pieces such as “Dimming of the Day”, “Ben’s Lament”, “Bonnie Ciara / The Blarney Pilgrim” on the Irish Cittern. Who else played? there was Daze of Grace joined by Rod Wilson on Irish Whistle and percussion. On a rare night off from the Casino Tom Bungay did his thing and of course “D Squared” (Dave Phillipe and Dave Prinn – vocals and guitars) ripped up the stage with their very polished performances of classic rock songs. Solo performers Jon Bissett and a newcomer to the area “Lee” (didn’t catch his last name) provided some  mellow sounds before Dave rounded out the night with his extremely fine singing and finger picking on a few classic tunes that include Neil Young’s classic  “Old Man” . Keep an eye on calender – BJ’s Creekside Pub Open Mic sessions are usually on the first Saturday of the month.




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