Marijuana reform has to happen but……..

I am all for it. Ten years, and even five years ago I wouldn’t have been but now I think it is time to move on. Current laws and policies are not working so let’s fix them. Let’s get the stuff out of the hands of criminals and into the hands of the tax man. Let’s get the benefits of BC’s biggest cash crop to the general population. My only fear is that in the momentum that is building for reform we will throw the baby out with the bath water and the final outcome may not be what we intended. There is a general perception that “mary jane” is a harmless recreational drug (I doubt that),  that it is no worse than alcohol or tobacco. Even if that were true just take a look at the down side of those two legal recreational drugs. The difference is that over time society has put in place policies and processes to deal with the down side of their use. By opening the flood gates to marijuana use without careful implementation of supportive mechanisms it could lead to some very significant consequences. For instance “driving under the influence” (DUI) is a social no-no punishable under the law. We have breathalysers and a whole slew of legal process’ to monitor and deal with the offence.  In the reform process we need to realize that we have to build an infrastucture to deal with marketing, sale, use and abuse of a new legal drug. We need to put in place appropriate policies and restraints somewhat similar to what is already in place for the legal drugs. We did it for alcohol and tobacco and we need do it for marijuana.

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