SHEVA at the Heid Out

SHEVA – Van and Shelagh Redecopp  (Van on guitar and vocals, Shelagh on fiddle and vocals and guest Rod Wilson on cittern and percussion) at the Heid Out in Cranbrook, May 9, 2014 7:30-11:30pm.

This is not an impartial review of the night’s performance. I am completely biased. I admit it that SHEVA is one of my favorite musical groups and THE HEID OUT is one of my favorite hangouts. So put the two together and the combination is unbeatable. Great food, great beer and great ambience plus an opportunity to play back up percussion for SHEVA. What more could I want? It definitely was a great night with lots of joy and great tunes. The cream on the jellied donut or the drizzle on the Cheesecake was when ‘Gus’ MacDonald stepped out of the audience and borrowed Shelagh’s Fiddle to rip through some Cape Breton styled fiddle tunes. I was ecstatic about the evening, Hedi Romich (the owner) on looking over the full house and the appreciative audience was grinning from ear to ear. Days later the staff were quizzing me about “who was that  fantastic young fiddle player”  and when was SHEVA returning for a repeat engagement? – very soon I hope. Here are just a couple of images from the night. I was too busy trying to keep up with the band and Gus MacDonald to spend much time taking photos.

 Van Redecopp                    200. Shelagh Redecopp Shelagh Redecopp          Sheva Van Redecopp  210. Shelagh Redecopp ShevaShelagh Redecopp@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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