EK Performing Arts Festival – Gallery

EK Performing Arts Festival Key City Theatre, Tuesday May 13, 2014, 7pm
 The accompanists   Accompanist 104. MC Carter Gulseth            MC Carter Gulseth Mayor Stetski            Amy Miller of The Star SingersAnna Cain - The Ceilidh             Erin Adams  - Mouse in The CoalbinCarter Gulseth - Except from To Kill a Mockingbird            Liam Hyde - Scamp    Kooteny Christian Academy - Food For a Fish    Kootenay Christian Academy - Food For a FishSpeech Arts Award  - Paris Hofmeister and Cameron Braun    Speech Arts AwardsSamila Carr - Musette and Air de Ballet            Keanu Chan - Homework MachineKeanu Chan - Homework Machine      Asia Franklin - I Got the Sun in the MorningAsia Franklin - I Got the Sun in the Morning Paul-Alexandre Chong - March in C Major              Jordyn Anderson - The Subway Train Ellen Bailey - accompanist             Owen Fast - Night SoundsVoice Awards             Voice Awards - Tessa Charlton Voice Awards    Voice AwardsVoice Awards Brianna Coltman             Baxton Chan - Backward Bill         Hope and Kalianna Ewaskow - The Pink Panther             Daniel EdwardsKendra Ackerman - Dance of the Marionettes      Bud Abbott Brianna Coltman             String Awards - Jordyn Andersson   String Awards             String Awards - Samilia Carr String Awards - Robyn Anderson & Samilia Carr             Cameron Braun - Nasty School Paris Hofmeister - Nasty School             Paris Hofmeister - Nasty School Kristofer Sotropa - Barn Dance                    Tessa Charlton - My Langan Love David Robertson - Rialto Ripples      Michaela Eckersley & Cameron Sperling - Anything you can do Cameron Sperling             Michaela EckersleyRobyn Anderson             Piano Awards - Kendra Ackerman Piano Awards - Kendra AckermanPiano Awards - David Robertson              Piano Awards Piano Awards -



3 thoughts on “EK Performing Arts Festival – Gallery

  1. How WONDERFUL to have all these pictures!! I was unable to attend due to a previous commitment I couldn’t get out of, and I’m so happy to have had the chance to see these. Thank you Rod!!!

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