“Even the Ravens were walking”

Bill St. Amand’s Open Mic Session at The Raven’s Roost Kimberley Golf Club, July 25, 2014, 2013 5-8pm.

Bill insisted that earlier in the day “it was so windy on the golf course that even the Ravens were walking”. I think that’s a story. There were a few gusts on the deck in the late afternoon but nothing more than just a little something to freshen the air. Once again Kootenay sunshine out did itself and patrons were able to kick back and  tuck into the fine BBQ and listen to some great tunes. The attraction of “open mic” sessions for musicians is to escape from playing music in the basement and socialize with their compadres. And there are always surprises in the musical mix with well known configurations of players or, as on this day, new musicians on deck. The usual performers were there with host Bill St. Amand (Martin Travel Guitar and vocals), Gary Jacklin (guitar, vocals and effects), Sam Hornberger (guitar, vocals); from almost out of retirement – The Blarney Pilgrims – Wally Smith (Irish Whistle, Button accordion) and Rod Wilson (Irish Bouzouki and percussion), the duo JR Lives – Jon Bisset (guitar and vocals) and Rod Wilson (12 String guitar) and also Mark Casey (“the folk singer with attitude”). Mark was accompanied by Patrick Stohmenger on harmonica. Patrick is fresh out of Vernon and is just infiltrating the local music scene. Here are some images from “another day in paradise”.

Bill St. Amand             Patrick Strohmenger  Patrick Strohmenger and Mark Casey


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