60 Hertz – The Trio

60 HERTZ – THE TRIO at BJs Creekside Pub, Saturday January 24, 2015, 8pm  The Trio

These three musicians, Rob Young (lead guitar, backup vocals), James Neve (singer / songwriter, 6 and 12 string guitars) and Dave Birch (backup vocals and bass guitar) have been playing music together for more years than our adult children have had birthdays. From time to time they have been joined by fine drummers (Gerry Bird, John Seiga or Marty Musser) to perform as your standard folk/rock band. The format may be standard but the music is more than a notch above the run of a mill folk/rock band. The most recent drummer, Marty Musser, who was an exceptionally fine fit for the band, has moved onto other “Pastures of Plenty” and 60 Hertz is back to performing as a trio. Not to worry! On Saturday night at Bj’s Creekside Pub they delivered James Neve’s signature songs with the same tight ensemble performances with Rob Young’s very tasteful guitar leads, Dave Birch’s dancing bass lines and James Neve’s vocals. As always their music on this evening was a cut above  almost any other live band you are likely to encounter in the area. Here are some images from another exceptional night of music at BJs Creek side pub.

 Rob Young   James Neve



 Dave Birch





















 Rob YoungJames Neve   Dave Birch


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