Ali Sellin

ALI SELLIN with DAVE CARLSON & BUD DECOSSE at BJs Creekside Pub, Saturday May 21, 2016, 8pm

080. Ali, Dave and Bud

One one hand I am not a big fan of Country Music. On the other hand I appreciate spontaneous music that’s professional and well crafted. So once you move away from the Star Spangled Hollywood music of Nashville,  Country Music does have some thing 202. Ali Sellinto offer. Case in point is Ali Sellin on stage at BJs  last Saturday night. The music was country but Hollywood and Nashville were way over the horizon, almost out of sight and far away from ear shot. Ali is from Medicine Hat and on this visit to Kimberley she renewed her acquaintance with mandolinist Dave Carlson and guitarist Bud Decosse. These two 400. Dave Carlsongentlemen (dare one use that word in this day and age of “Bad Dudes”) are probably two of the finest musicians in the area. They are both well known and500. Bud Decosse highly respected in the Kootenays. With their smooth accompaniments and slick lead lines they were a perfect foil for Ali’s voice and her choice of material. All  the more so when you realize that all of the evenings music was largely unrehearsed. Although Ali is a Singer / Song writer  most of her material for this evening were covers of such classics as Red Wing (the Steel Wheels version) Anne Murray’s Snow Bird, Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, Gershwin’s Summertime, Willie Nelson / Patsy Cline’s Crazy, Take the Ribbon from Your Hair, Green Green Grass of Home, Banks of the Ohio, and Dolly Patton’s Joliene. That is just the tip of the iceberg. There was a sprinkling of her original material plus lesser known songs from the country repertoire. Dave and Bud did their bit with material from their own huge bag of songs and instrumentals. Ali obviously enjoys performing and it was reflected in her happy demeanour and rapport with the audience. It was an especially fine night of music and if, and when, Ali comes back to this area she should not be missed. Here are some images from the evening.

244. Ali Selin408. Dave Carlson222. Ali Sellin   204. Ali Sellin506. Bud Decosse214. Ali Sellin   220. Ali Sellin

A musical Note (pun intended) is Ali’s guitar technique.  She uses a right hand finger style technique with a thumb pick and plastic finger picks. While not that unusual it took a while for me to realize what she was doing. Her patterns and picking where appropriate and crystal clear and the picks were very pretty hard to see. I personally find it hard to use finger picks and the constant risk of getting  tangled up on the back strokes has put to rest any ambitions I may have ever had on using finger picks.  Good job Ali!0052. Ali's Guitar060c. The hand of Ali


Once more with feeling ….. and a new chapeau

LONESOME JIM (aka James Neve) AT BJs CREEKSIDE PUB, Saturday February 20, 2016, 8pm

As usual James (vocals, Cojon, guitars and pedals) was in top form for this marathon solo engagement that ran through to midnight. The crowd did thin out mid-stream but swelled again when the patrons from the Home Grown Music Society decided to make a night of it by moving over to BJs. Dave Prinn and Jon Bisset stepped in with some backup vocals; Bill Renwick (guitar, vocals and harmonica) performed a short intermission set and Rod Wilson, with his percussion compadres “Stella” and “Bud”, joined forces with James for his driving masterpiece Rainland.

100. Lonesome Jim128. Lonesome jim and Bill Renwick   020.


a.k.a. Lonesome Jim

James Neve and his Return to Roots Music at BJ’S Creekside Pub, Saturday November 14, 8pm

lonesome jim 001Over the past 10 years 60 Hertz has been my favorite local Band. James Neve, with his stellar writing, vocals and hybrid guitar picking  was the foundation of a band that included Rob Young on backup vocals and lead guitar, Marty Musser on drums and Dave Birch on electric bass. This was a band with great arrangements, who rehearsed religiously and was super tight in performance. All that work paid off. Alas the band is no more. They disbanded in April of this year. Oh well, nothing lasts for ever. The musicians have gone on to other projects. James Neve’s current project is a solo effort where he continues to bring new songs to the stage with each performance. As always he infuses his repertoire of original material with a selection of cover tunes that on this night included John Mayer’s The Heart of Life and Cat Steven’s Moon Shadow. That’s what the audience were treated to Saturday night – stellar songs, great 12 String guitar and the electronic gadgets that filled out the sound for an impressive night of music.

100. Lonesome Jim102. Lonesome Jim   105. Lonesome Jim  109. Lonesome Jim

119. Lonesome Jim

111. Lonesome Jim   104. Lonesome Jim   115. Lonesome Jim117. Lonesome Jim


Vested Interest – Polishing Diamonds at BJ’s

Vested Interest

Here is a happy band of musicians  – Brian Noer (lead guitar, bass & vocals), Dave Prinn (guitars, bass & vocals) Bill Renwick (guitar, vocals and harmonica) and why shouldn’t they be when they get to play the music they love (classic rock and folk/rock). As a group (Vested Interest) they have been working away at their choice of material for maybe a year. Each performer has made his own mark as a solo performer or in many musical configurations around the area. Their music is really coming together as they polish the “diamonds” of the classic rock and folk/rock eras.

Saturday February 28, 2015, 8pm: VESTED INTEREST at BJ’s Creekside Pub – great food and great music. 110, Vested Interest

Generally I am not a fan of pop/rock music but there are certain gems of the classic era that I enjoy.  Maybe it’s because that was the music of my youth. My tastes in music may have evolved since then but the music of The Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young, The Eagles, Bob Seeger and other bands and performers of that  era that have an undeniable appeal.  Maybe its the vocal harmonies or maybe I think the songs are just better. To come to think of it the only song in recent memory to make it into the “standard classic rock” repertoire is Wagon Wheels.So Vested Interest has been working away at the vocal harmonies, tasty lead guitar breaks, some 12 String guitar guitar riffs, “blues Harp” and clean guitar picking that I am sure will continue to win them a growing audience. Some of the material covered included I’m a Believer (The Beatles), Copperhead Road (Steve Earle), Dead or Alive, Everybody’s Talkin’ About Me (from the Movie Midnight Cowboy), Truckin’ (The Grateful Dead), Hollywood Nights (Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band), Turn, Turn, Turn (with some marvelous 12 String guitar from Dave Prinn a la Pete Seeger), Yankee Lady (Jessie Winchester), City in the Grass (a Dave Prinn Original), Free Falling (Tom Petty), Helplessly Hoping (Crosby Stills and Nash), Heart of Gold (Bill Renwick out does Neil Young on this song), I’m Gone Gone Gone (I think this is a Bill Renwick original), The Weight, It Ain’t Easy, Can’t You See, and many more. It was a great night of “acoustic music” (no screaming guitar work or over the top drums) played by a trio who enjoy performing for an audience who obviously appreciates the music. Here are some images from the evening —–

200. Dave Prinn    Bill Renwick   Brian Noer  Bill Renwick    Brian Noer   Dave Prinn Brian Noer   Dave Prinn   Bill Renwick  Bill Renwick 400a. Brian Noer

oh! I forgot to mention “Brian sure looks handsome with his new haircut”


60 Hertz – The Trio

60 HERTZ – THE TRIO at BJs Creekside Pub, Saturday January 24, 2015, 8pm  The Trio

These three musicians, Rob Young (lead guitar, backup vocals), James Neve (singer / songwriter, 6 and 12 string guitars) and Dave Birch (backup vocals and bass guitar) have been playing music together for more years than our adult children have had birthdays. From time to time they have been joined by fine drummers (Gerry Bird, John Seiga or Marty Musser) to perform as your standard folk/rock band. The format may be standard but the music is more than a notch above the run of a mill folk/rock band. The most recent drummer, Marty Musser, who was an exceptionally fine fit for the band, has moved onto other “Pastures of Plenty” and 60 Hertz is back to performing as a trio. Not to worry! On Saturday night at Bj’s Creekside Pub they delivered James Neve’s signature songs with the same tight ensemble performances with Rob Young’s very tasteful guitar leads, Dave Birch’s dancing bass lines and James Neve’s vocals. As always their music on this evening was a cut above  almost any other live band you are likely to encounter in the area. Here are some images from another exceptional night of music at BJs Creek side pub.

 Rob Young   James Neve



 Dave Birch





















 Rob YoungJames Neve   Dave Birch


The Visual Arts this Summer

There are two major shows in the area this summer. There is the Cranbrook and District Arts Council photography exhibit at the Artrageous Gallery in Cranbrook and the annual Kimberley Arts Walk sponsored by the Kimberley Arts Council

Photography Exhibit Artwalk page 1  Artwalk page 2

In a shameless bit of self promotion here are some of my images that will be spread across both exhibits.  Rainy Day Plant  Shauna Plant Joe the Plumber's daughterStacey DecoseOld Timey MusicHot Jazz - Dave Ward163c. Hot Jazz Guitar - Marc Atkinson Jaclyn Guillo  Piotr Lemanczyk Anneke Rosch Natassja



Don Davies Quartet at BJ’s

 Don Davies Quartet at BJ’s Creekside Pub, Saturday December 14, 2013, 7:30pm

 Don DaviesI never really think of Kimberley as a jazz town and yet at Centre 64 the Kimberley Arts Council has run several very successful mini-festivals. They have featured jazz artists Steen Jorgensenfrom across Canada and from as far away as Belgium and Poland. Closer to home The Don Davies Quartet (Don Davies – piano and vocals; Stu Taylor – trombone, Bill Visintin – bass; Steen Jorgensen drums and alto sax) always attracts a good audience. Especially at BJ’s Creekside pub. I guess the selection of great old tunes, the food and refreshments,  performers who are having fun and the ambience of this wonderful neighborhood bar always seems to pull an audience in the door.  Last Saturday evening was no exception. The Quartet spent the evening running through such favorites as The Lady is a Tramp, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Bye Bye Blackbird, Night Train, Girl from Ipanema, When Your Smiling,  Georgia on my Mind, Satin Doll, Besame Mucho, Don’t Get Around Much Any More, Autumn Leaves, New York New York and a few seasonal tunes such  I Wish you a Merry Christmas. “Lyndell” sat in on drums for a few swing tunes and a lady bounced up on stage to do a duet with Don on the old country favorite Please Release Me. Here are some more images from this cosy night of music.

Don and friend        Steen Jorgensen   Stu Taylor   Bill Visintin    Don Davies  Don Davies   Steen Jorgensen   Lyndell


Live Music at BJ’s Creekside Pub

TUCK’S TROUBADOURS at BJ’s Creekside Pub, Saturday October 26, 2013, 7:30pm

100. Tuck's Troubadours

Surely they were exaggerating. Dave Carlson claimed that they hadn’t got together for a rehearsal since April. If that was the case it didn’t show in their performance. There were a couple of false starts on a tune here and there but apart from that they sounded like they were in top form. Tuck’s Troubadours is the finest country band in the area.   Larry Tuck on bass ukelele (in place of Larry’s usual bass guitar) and vocals was in full voice, Doug Simpson on rhythm guitar was in fine form, as was Dave Carlson on vocals and mandolin, and Bud Decose on lead guitar was even better than his usual silky smooth self. That Eastman Arch Top Guitar that he plays is a visual and aural delight. Through out the evening they worked their way through an impressive list of songs and tunes that included Chasing the Neon Rainbow, Just Call me Lonesome, Rose of San Antonio (Bob Wills), The Great Divide (Kate Wolf), My Heart has a History, Green Wood (John Reischman), The Lonesome Fugitive (Merle Haggard),  Last Kiss (Ricky Nelson), Satisfied with You (Hank Williams), Mary (Marty Robbins), Don’t Get Around Much any More (Duke Ellington), Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash), Muddy River and the power house instrumentals Razza Ma Tazz Polka, Bucks Polka and a Brazilian tune we have come to know as Aqua Velva (only because we can`t pronounce the Portuguese name). As always, it was another night of an almost unlimited tour of the whole scope of country music  played by this very tight knit (despite their disclaimers) musical unit.

 Dave Carlson   Doug Simpson   Larry Tuck

OPEN MIC SESSION AT BJ’s CREEKSIDE PUB hosted by Fraser Armstrong, Saturday November 2, 2013, 7:30 pm

106. Fraser Armstrong SERENDIPITY (noun: the faculty of discovering pleasing or valuable things by chance – The New Penguin English Dictionary) is what it is all about. Open Mic sessions are serendipitous opportunities for memorable music. It doesn’t always happen but in this instance it did. Fraser Armstrong  was the host and the anchor for a number of  Darin Welchmusicians that included Barry Jacklin, Alphonse Joseph, Jon Bisset, Sam Hornberger and Darin Welch. Fraser with his marvelous tenor voice, foot operated percussion, back up and lead guitar set the tone of the evening and when others stepped onto the stage it was the icing on the cake. Everyone was at the top of their game but there should be special mention made of  Daren Welch`s performance. Darin played original material that included Pretty Water, Wilderness (his backyard) and a new tune that was so fresh of the press that it still needs a title. Together Darin and Fraser sounded like they had been aggressively rehearsing for months. The truth of the situation is that they only met for the first time when Darin stepped onto the stage. How do they do that? My head is still shaking with disbelief.

Here are some images from the evening:

 Fraser Armstrong  Darin Welch  Gary Jacklin  Fraser and Alphonse Joseph      Alphonse Joseph             Sam Hornberger   Fraser Armstrong  Darin Welch  Gary Jacklin   Alphonse Joseph    400. Darin Welch  Fraser Armstrong Percussion Pedals

Thanks go to Fraser for hosting the evening and also thanks to BJ`s staff (Shannon, Clare and Shelby) and, on a parting note, a little piece of trivia – serendip  is an ancient name for Sri Lanka (I have no idea if that has anything to do with anything).


Steve Palmer at BJ’s Creekside Pub

Thursday August 1, 2013, 7:30pm : STEVE PALMER at BJ’s Creekside Pub.    Steve Palmer Website LONESOME JIM (aka) JAMES NEVE was the opening act.
James Neve and Steve Palmer are modern day troubadours from somewhat different traditions. James comes out of the “British Rock Invasion” of the 1960’s and, while he has been known to do cover tunes he is best known for his original music with the band 60 Hertz.   On the other hand, apart from some early flirtations with  “Psychedelic Rock”,  Steve Palmer has his feet firmly planted in the country / blues / gospel / folk traditions, and, although he is a song writer, his emphasis is on the reinterpretations of past masters of the tradition. At least a third of his performances are devoted to instrumentals styles. So thanks to the promotional skills of Ferdy Belland this performance was a rare opportunity to get these two diverse performers in  the same venue at the same time. James began the evening with a short opening set that included Somebody Told Me, Please Take the Wheel, My Blue Girl (inspired by a wedding photo) and Passing Through Your Heart.
 James Neve
Steve Palmer has the looks and demeanor of everybody’s favorite uncle. Originally from Edmonton, with a few years on Vancouver Island and now thoroughly settled in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. He has been a touring musician for 40 years. One of his claims to fame is having his song Welcome Back used in Stuart McLean’s wonderful radio show The Vinyl Cafe, so, it only fitting that this same song should be used to open his first set at BJ’s Creekside Pub on Thursday night. From then on it was a steady diet of Gospel tunes – Take a Trip On That Old Gospel Ship, including an original I Thought I Saw Jesus on Main Street; a wonderful instrumental version of Blind Blake’s Rag; some Johnny Cash – and I Walk the Line and I Keep a Close Watch on This Heart of Mine; an extremely short version of Marty Robbin’s El Paso; lots of the classic songs of the past 40 years (500 miles, Freight Train Boogie, I Can’t Help it If I am Still in Love with You, Did She Mention My name, Lucielle, Wild Mountain Thyme, The Water is Wide, Snakes Come Out at Night,  Passing Through and Roll On, Roll On Saskatchewan.Sprinkled among the classics were some of Steve’s originals including From Here to Nashville, Rolling Down to Memphis, Sweet is Sweet and My Home Town). There was lots of repartee and story telling. As I said a troubadour in the classic style complete with some stellar 12-string guitar accompaniments. It is nice to hear a 12-string guitar sound like a real 12-string guitar with shimmering chords and signature bass runs.
Steve Palmer
 Steve Palmer  James Neve  Steve Palmer     Steve Palmer

 Steve has done gigs at the Snoring Sasquatch in Creston but to the best of my knowledge this is the first time he has performed in Kimberley. I suspect it won’t be the last. I believe a return engagement has already been booked for Cranbrook.