Music behind the Green Door

The Green Door presents the Music of James Neve – Thursday May 7, 2015 with an opening act of Dariynn and Zack Silver

It used to be called the Green Phoenix. But like a Phoenix it has risen from the ashes of the original establishment to emerge as The Green Door.  So if you are wandering up the Platzl in Kimberley, on the opposite side to the library, just before Chef Bernard’s, you will notice a sturdy green door. Don’t be intimidated, just wander on in. Particularly on any given Thursday evening. Duane Funk (is that your real name Duane?) has implemented a live music policy and is always willing to support local, and on certain, occasions imported talent. Duane has remodeled and improved the stage area and for musicians who may require it he has a sound system. On this particular evening it was evening of mostly originals music  opened by the husband and wife team of Zack and Dariynn Silver. It was mostly music in an acoustic / pop vein featuring Dariynn on vocals and guitar supported by her husband Zach on drum kit. Also in a more folk/rock vein Dariynn was followed by James Neve on guitars, vocals,and effect pedals, including a Fisher midi-interface. He was supported by Rod Wilson on percussion (Congas, Djembe, Darbuka, Shakers, etc). The  music of James Neve is well known for his work with the folk/rock group 60 Hertz. Unfortunately 60 Hertz is no more but Jame’s music lives on as a solo act with some adventurous electronic interactions. Dariynn and Zach performed from around 6:30pm to 8:00pm and James kept the music flowing till after 11pm. Here are some imaged from the evening——

134. Dariynn Silver123. Dariynn Silver   140. Dariynn and Zach Silver144. Dariynn Silver  114a. Dariynn Silver  146. Dariynn Silver520a. James Neve 522. James Neve 500. James Neve            534. James Neve

and the allusive percussionist: Rod Wilson

004. Percussion

Musicians wishing to perform at the Green Door should contact Duane at


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