Caitlin McCaughey in Recital at the Knox

CAITLIN McCAUGHEY IN RECITAL AT THE KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH   Caitlin is one of a number of young Cranbrook performers who take their music very seriously. To prove the point Caitlin presented the following program at the Knox Church on Monday August 17, 2015 at 7pm.

Caitlin's Program

Here are some images of Caitlin and her accompanist Ellen Ortega performing.134. Caitlin McCaughey202. Ellen Ortega    230. Ellen Ortega  242. Ellen Ortega114. Caitlin McCaughey  116. Caitlin McCaughey  120 Caitlin McCaughey244. Ellen Ortega 144. Caitlin McCaughey    146. Caitlin McCaughey142a. Caitlin McCaughey 152. Caitlin McCaughey 250. Ellen Ortega 040. Caitlin's dress@@@@@@@@@@@@

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  1. Thank you for posting such great photos. I always come back to them. There are some really fun ones!

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