The Home Grown Coffee House

The Home Grown Coffee House, October 24, 2015; Centre 64 – The first of the season.

312. Jim MarshallOnce again the Home Grown Coffee House Society with the aid of MC Bill St. Amand, has plundered the human resources of the community to present another marvelous evening of music. The cross section of the community was ably represented by the older cadre of musicians – Jim Marshall (and his one man band); The Blarney Pilgrims (Wally Smith and Rod Wilson on percussion, button accordion and cittern). The Blarney Pilgrims played a selection of Celtic tunes (Malchy’s Set, The Mudgee Waltz / Bucks Camp Down at Monroe) and also a little splash of Eastern European influences (The Sarajevo Set) thrown in for good measure. The young were out in force with Nick Skibsted on piano with a selection of instrumentals that included the ragtime masterpiece The Entertainer; Mac Watson with some original material  on vocals and guitar; Maddie Keiver and Kyle Albright also on vocals and guitar. The ladies of the town were well represented by the vocal harmonies of Wild Honey (Laura Cain – fiddle, Shelby Knutson – guitar and Jessica Neidermeyer on vocals). Newcomers to the community were represented by Tamara Sonntag (vocals and guitar) and Robin Periera and his sidekick Curtis. All in all the evening once again demonstrated the musical depth of this community. Here are images from the night

.208. Nick Skibsted   250. Wild Honey246. Laura Cain  212. Nick Skibsted   300. Jim Marshall  258. Jessica Neidermeyer244. Shelby Knutson   248. Laura Cain   252a. Shelby Knutson  306. Jim Marshall  272. Laura Cain  274. Shelby Knutson and Laura Cain352. Tamara Sonntag  402. Mac Watson  420. Kyle Albright  432. Maddie Keiver360. Tamara Sonntag  362. Tamara Sonntag  372. Tamara Sonntag
406. Mac Watson
448. Maddie Keiver   500. Robin Pereira   520. Curtis 510. Curtis and Robin Pereira

So that’s it for this show. The next Home Grown Coffee House will be November 24, 2015.



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  1. Thanks Rod! Your pictures are beautiful. It was such a special night with a fantastic crowd and a wonderful group of musicians. We were so honored to be a part of it. Looking forward to more:)
    Take care!

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