This is an interesting perspective of “What are the deeper religious and philosophical currents informing Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine? “. It is not entirely without controversy, read the comments in the post, but interesting never-the-less.


Postscript: Why Angels Fall – A journey Through Orthodox Europe from Byzantium to Kosovo by Victoria Clark (2000). This is an excellent read that explores the modern day reverberations of the great religious  “schism” of 1054. That was when the Christian world was split between the “rational” Christian West and and the “mystic/spiritual” Orthodox East.  It kind of backs up the analysis in the above YouTube.  Back in the heyday of the Soviet empire there was a belief that the Soviet empire was evil because the communists had lost religion. It was thought that once they once again found religion the world would come back into balance. That has turned out to be a pretty naive assumption. The Soviet empire has been well and truly gone for thirty years and Putin’s Russia is once again Orthodox and yet nothing much has changed.  Victoria Clark’s book is an exploration of the impact of the various Christian Orthodox religions on modern Eastern Europe.  My edition I picked up in a second hand book store in Sydney Australia. It is now listed on on Amazon and Kindle.


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