The Day the Freedumb Died.

Is it only about a month since the truckers occupation of Ottawa was in full swing? How quickly things change. From the stupid, idiotic, chants of “Freeedom”  in one of the freest country’s on the planet to the the real crushing attempts of Russia to stamp a country out of existence and end the freedoms of its Ukrainian citizens. It kind of throws the whole stupid pretext of the convoy and “freedom” demonstrations into context. To add weight to a correct perspective of the events take a listen to the following song. It takes Don MacLean’s classic song American Pie and adds new lyrics that brings truth to the events.

I hope all those people who supported the convoy now feel stupid and embarrassed. For the rest of us just remember the names of the politicians who tried to score political points by supporting the convoy and at election time vote accordingly.


Postscript: A Study in  Contrasts – When Russian citizens started protesting the war in Ukraine they were very quickly met with riot police and threats of jail terms of up to fifteen years.Fifteen thousand citizens were arrested.  When police in Ottawa finally started moving in on the convoy protesters they were still wearing “soft” uniforms and applying minimum force. A day or so later they had started to wear “hard” uniforms and face shields. Batons were in evidence but not aggressively used. Full riot gear and aggressive crowd control was not in evidence. Mounted Police were used to skillfully to  separate the protestors from the police line and force them back. To my knowledge in Ottawa there are only two incidents under investigation. There was a single use of tear gas and woman was knocked down, but uninjured,  by a horse. I think there was over 170 arrests most of whom were released. Several of the organizers face charges of “mischief” and were held pending bail proceedings. In the scale of things this was pretty minor stuff. At a number of border blockades the police in “soft” uniforms formed single lines that slowly marched forward forcing the protestors to fall back. The police line would then fall back, re-form and slowly advance again. The procedure was repeated until the protestors were cleared away. In another time and in another country the process would have included police in full riot gear beating their shields with their batons and advancing with intent to beat the protestors into submission. There would have been tear gas in the air, blood on streets and mass arrests. But this is Canada and that is not how things work here. So, supporters of the convoy, do you still think we live in a police state? I think the police should be commended for their discipline and restraint in very difficult circumstances.



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