Music at the Raven’s Roost

Open Mic Session at the Kimberley Golf Course (The Raven’s Roost), Hosted by Bill St. Amand, Friday June 28th, 2013, 5:50 pm – 8pm

Well, the monsoon was over and the big guy in sky threw the big switch, the sun came out and paradise was restored. Or at least our local version of paradise – the outside deck at the Kimberley Golf Course. This was the first of what we hope to be a number of musical events in this perfect setting. The crowd was small to start with but in very short order golfers were abandoning their compulsion to beat up on little white balls and roar around the course in their electric vehicles just to sit on the deck , refresh, eat and soak up the music. Bill St. Amand kick off the non-blood sport event of the evening (those little white balls do actually scream and bleed) with his unique take on the jazzy chord melody approach to songs like Big Bad Bill, Norwegian Wood, Stone Me, and my favorite, I Like Trains. Yours truly, Rod Wilson,  contributes some songs and tunes on the Irish Cittern, followed by Jon Bisset with some classic Folk Rock. A real bonus for me was Karly Ross doing some of her original material and also joining me on Irish Whisle for some more traditional Celtic tunes. As the sun sunk slowly in the west other performers stepped up to the microphone and entertained  the almost capacity crowd.  The response to the event was very positive so stay tuned for word on the next Raven’s Roost event. Sorry there are no photos of the event. It must be the first time me that I actually forgot my camera.

And as an aside note that only the Scots could invent a game where the lower the score you achieve the more likely you are to win the game. For comedic relief check Robin Williams little expose of the game ( with a note of caution about the language) Golf as seen by Robin Williams


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