?Ravens Roost or Bears Den

Open mic Session at the Ravens Roost, September 12, 5-8 pm, hosted by Bill St Amand.

Another day in paradise

Well, paradise at last. Or at least the bears thought so when they were checking out the Kimberley golf club deck from a vantage point in a nearby tree. They were spotted by the early club members who were waiting for the sun to burn the frost of the greens. Maybe the bears didn’t like the local clientele because they didn’t hang around for the Friday evening open mic session on the deck. It’s a shame because it was a good evening. The weather for this summer’s open mics has not been too co-operative but for this last session of the season the weather gods must have been appeased because the evening was perfect. The sun was brilliant but not hot; it was just right. The regular crowd of musicians were there – Bill St. Amand, Rod Wilson, Alphonse Joseph, Gary Jaclin and a new comer to the area Michael Harrison. It was the usual mix of rock, country and blues classics with a little bit of Celtic thrown into the mix. Here are some images from the evening (sorry, the bears couldn’t make it for the photo shoot).

 Bill St Amand Gary Jacklin    Alphonse Joseph   Michael Harrison  Rod Wilson

and a fitting toast to beautiful day

 A cool One


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