a.k.a. Lonesome Jim

James Neve and his Return to Roots Music at BJ’S Creekside Pub, Saturday November 14, 8pm

lonesome jim 001Over the past 10 years 60 Hertz has been my favorite local Band. James Neve, with his stellar writing, vocals and hybrid guitar picking  was the foundation of a band that included Rob Young on backup vocals and lead guitar, Marty Musser on drums and Dave Birch on electric bass. This was a band with great arrangements, who rehearsed religiously and was super tight in performance. All that work paid off. Alas the band is no more. They disbanded in April of this year. Oh well, nothing lasts for ever. The musicians have gone on to other projects. James Neve’s current project is a solo effort where he continues to bring new songs to the stage with each performance. As always he infuses his repertoire of original material with a selection of cover tunes that on this night included John Mayer’s The Heart of Life and Cat Steven’s Moon Shadow. That’s what the audience were treated to Saturday night – stellar songs, great 12 String guitar and the electronic gadgets that filled out the sound for an impressive night of music.

100. Lonesome Jim102. Lonesome Jim   105. Lonesome Jim  109. Lonesome Jim

119. Lonesome Jim

111. Lonesome Jim   104. Lonesome Jim   115. Lonesome Jim117. Lonesome Jim


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  1. Wonderful photos (especially the b&w) of my dear brother, Jamie. Thanks, Rod, for the support of Jamie and his music!

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