A Pastoral Musical Scene at the Ravens Roost

Bill St. Amand’s Open Mic Session at The Raven’s Roost Kimberley Golf Club, August 9, 2013 6-9pm.

Once again the Open Mic session at the Kimberley Golf Club lives up to its reputation as the best musical venue of the summer. Great scenery, great food, great refreshment and great music and a very appreciative audience. In a previous post I miss spoke. Not knowing The Heardthat they already had a well established brand name I dubbed the Datson / Rodrigues  crew as the The Margarita Mixers. In reality on the ski hill they are known as THE HERD and on the band stand they are also known as THE HEARD. Despite crushing schedules and lots of travel time and miles THE HERD made it to the RAVENS ROOST in time for an early set before Shayne and his family had to shuffle back to Calgary. Also at this session the regular musicians, Bill St. Amand, Rod Wilson, Gary Jacklin and Jim Marshall were augmented by a performance by the well known local blues player Joseph Alphonse. Here are some more images from another memorable evening of music.

 Golf Club Patrons   Shayne Rodrigues  Joseph Alphonse    Golf Club Patrons   Bill on Deck           Bill St. Amand Joseph Alphonse  Jim Marshall  Gary Jacklin Rod Wilson    Joseph Alphonse   Jim Marshall

Thanks to Bill St. Amand, the musicians, patrons, staff and the master of good weather for another stellar evening. Tentative date for the next session is Friday August 30, 2013, 6-9pm.


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