A Pastoral Musical Scene at the Ravens Roost

Bill St. Amand’s Open Mic Session at The Raven’s Roost Kimberley Golf Club, August 9, 2013 6-9pm.

Once again the Open Mic session at the Kimberley Golf Club lives up to its reputation as the best musical venue of the summer. Great scenery, great food, great refreshment and great music and a very appreciative audience. In a previous post I miss spoke. Not knowing The Heardthat they already had a well established brand name I dubbed the Datson / Rodrigues  crew as the The Margarita Mixers. In reality on the ski hill they are known as THE HERD and on the band stand they are also known as THE HEARD. Despite crushing schedules and lots of travel time and miles THE HERD made it to the RAVENS ROOST in time for an early set before Shayne and his family had to shuffle back to Calgary. Also at this session the regular musicians, Bill St. Amand, Rod Wilson, Gary Jacklin and Jim Marshall were augmented by a performance by the well known local blues player Joseph Alphonse. Here are some more images from another memorable evening of music.

 Golf Club Patrons   Shayne Rodrigues  Joseph Alphonse    Golf Club Patrons   Bill on Deck           Bill St. Amand Joseph Alphonse  Jim Marshall  Gary Jacklin Rod Wilson    Joseph Alphonse   Jim Marshall

Thanks to Bill St. Amand, the musicians, patrons, staff and the master of good weather for another stellar evening. Tentative date for the next session is Friday August 30, 2013, 6-9pm.


Ravens Roost – a slice of paradise

 Bill St. Amand’s Open Mic Session at The Raven’s Roost Kimberley Golf Club, July 26, 2013 6-9pm

I don’t play golf. If the truth be known it was the reason I had to leave Australia. I neither played golf or drank enough beer. Both considered crimes against humanity or at least a distinct show of poor taste and bad manners. I chose Canada. After all it was the land of ice and snow and a non-golfer only had to fake it for half of the year. The rest of the time could be spent skiing. It is not that I dislike golf, after all I am married to a Scot,  it is just that I have an addictive personality and I have seen what it has done to some of my friends; despondency when the game is not going well; unhappy wives coping with absent husbands, children left fatherless for inordinate lengths of time – but, perhaps, I exaggerate. By choosing not to play I have avoided the undesirable side effects of the game. Bill St. Amand  on the other hand is an avid golfer and has managed to live a well adjusted life. He is what I call, “a high functioning golfer” that is he can play the game and live a normal life. To prove the point he has organized a series of open mic sessions at the Ravens Roost at the Kimberley Golf course. Bill assured me that golfers were not monsters and, by inviting me along it was at least, for me an opportunity to indulge my addiction to music in very pleasant surroundings. And that is has proven to be. This was the third of a very successful series of musical evenings. Some musicians who were there to dispense music to soothe the savage Bill St. Amandbeasts included Bill St. Amand (of course), myself (Rod Wilson), Sam Hornberger and new faces Garry Jacklin and Jim Marshall. Bill’s chord melody approach to a number of well Garry Jacklin known melodies and songs is enjoyably familiar. I, myself, Rod Wilson introduced some original 12-string guitar music on an unsuspecting audience and later in the evening some Celtic songs and tunes on the Irish Cittern. Garry did the karoake thing as well as a solo set that had a couple of dancers up doing their thing. Jim Marshall is a master guitar player who has been wintering in Kamloops for the last few years and he is now back in Kimberley on a more permanent basis. I have played percussion with Jim on rare occasions in the past and his guitar playing and my percussion just seem to mesh when we get together. It was a real pleasure to once again play with Jim. So there we were on the deck of the Kimberly Golf course, kicking back, enjoying the food, refreshments, sunshine, shade, music and the great scenery. Yes, it is our little slice of paradise. Life on the deck

 Bill St. Amand   Sam Hornberger Garry Jacklin   122.Bill St. Amand   Garry Jacklin Bill St. Amand   The Ravens Roost

Every thing is getting a little fuzzy; either I have had to much sun, too much beer or to much golf………. or maybe Bill lied and this is what happens in paradise.

One beer to many@@@@@@@@@@@