LOCALS – a sold out show ends a sold out season

Locals Coffee House, Saturday April 25, 2014, 7:30pm at the Studio / Stage Door, Cranbrook

As always LOCALs served up the cream of local talent in this the last concert of the 2013-2014 season. The old, the young, the novice and the seasoned performers were once again putting themselves out there. The show opened with the well known Daze of Grace and a selection of Sharon Routley’s original material with a slightly different band configuration. Sharon Routley on guitar and vocals; Jubal Routley on lead  Josh Norgardguitar; Warren Routley on Conga and Rod Wilson Percussion (Darbuka, Cojon, Djembe and Shakers). The songs included The River, Waiting in the Rain, The Balloon Song (aka as The Dream Song). The novice of the evening was Josh Norgard, and although he confessed to some nerves on this his first on stage appearance, it was not evident when he played and sung I’m Yours, Come and Feel the Noise, Say Yes and Electric Rock. Doug Mitchell (guitar and vocals) is a political satirist and humorist whoseDoug Mitchell classic line My Baby Loves Starbucks but doesn’t care a Bean About Me is forever stuck in my head. His opening assault was on Coke (Cola, that is) in Open Happiness ( Open up a Coke, add a little Ice cream, make a float)  that explored the diverse uses of the ever popular soft drink. The anti-Fracking song Fracking has found favor with the environmental activists and we are sure to hear more of this little ditty as the political debate over this technology heats up. Last but not least was the song Sibling Rivalry (I wish I was hung like Tom Bungaymy brother Dave) that raised way more than a giggle from the audience. Tom Bungay is ex-military so it came as no surprise when he selected J.P. Cormier’s ode about PTS in the song Home Town Battle Field to open his set. He followed that up with Learning to Live Again, the patriotic Maple Leaf and the trials and tribulations of domestic relationships in Get out of Here, but Come Back Soon. Erin & Ferdy Belland (“Torch Ferdy Bellandand Twitt” upright bass and vocal duo) ran through some Cole Porter, Miss Otis Regrets; Nat Cole’s It’s Only a Paper Moon (a personal favorite of mine) and Tom Waitts’ Little Boy Blue. Ferdy looked majestic, sinister and super cool dressed in black, sporting a Rasputin beard and playing that super-cool black upright bass. Robin Sudo (vocals) and Jim Cameron (Guitar) chose to do a single medley, or as Jim described it, a triptych that explored the themes of love and loss in three related songs (To Know Him is to Love Him / That Loving Feeling / and a third song whose name escapes me). In true “Goatish” style The Good Ol’ Goats finished off the evening with some new material and a charming new member on keyboard and trumpet. (The trumpet was a really nice touch). Here are some more images from the evening:

725             Angus LedtkeRobin Sudo Josh Norgard              Doug MitchellCarter Gulseth - MC              Tom Bungay  Josh Norgard              Ferdy BellandDoug Mitchell    Josh Norgard      Jim Cameron   Jim Cameron                NolanTom Bungay

Thanks Lorraine, Mark, Jon and all the LOCAL’S crew for such a great season.


The End of the Beannick Concert Series

With the David Francy concert tonight (Wednesday April 30, 2014) at the Studio / Stage Door the Beannick Concert Series unfortunately, like all good things, comes to an end. The Musical Director, Gord Johnston, is moving onto other challenges thus bringing the series to a close. Over the past seven series the following performers have graced the stage at The Studio / Stage Door:

Series #1

  • Heather Bush and the Uppercuts
  • Martyn Joseph
  • Travelin’ Light

 Heather Bush ( Heather Johnson)     02.  Heather Blush Martyn Joseph   Travelin' Light ( Corbin Keep & Mel Watson)

Series #2

  • Matt Anderson
  • Marc Atkinson
  • Colin Hay

Matt Andersen        Marc Atkinson

Series #3

  • Stephen Fearing and Andy White
  • John Cruz
  • Suzie Vinnick

Series #4

  • Garnet Rodgers
  • Sue Foley and Peter Karp
  • Kelly Joe Phelps

Series #5

  • Cahalen Morrison and Eli West
  • Carlos del Junco (The Blues Mongrels)
  • Stephen Fearing

Series #6

  • Dave Gunning
  • Woody Holler and his Orchestra
  • Suzie Vinnick and Rick Fines

Series #7

  • Martyn Joseph
  • Michael Jerome Brown
  • David Francy

Gord Johnston is retiring from his career at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and is ready to move on to new adventures. It’s been a good run and we can’t thank Gord Johnston and Terry Miller enough for enriching Cranbrook`s cultural  landscape. We should also thank the audiences  who`s support of the series and made it such a success. Thanks too, to Ben Blomander for keeping things sounding great, to Jean Ann and Joe Debreceni for keeping us in drinks, to Kris Aasen and Rusty Gahr and a few others for keeping the lights on and, once again, thanks to the patrons who keep on supporting live music at every opportunity.


Please note the following:
Lotus Books is hosting ‘in store’ concerts of very talented musicians. Erin and Ferdy are Beannick members and their guest artists consist of an eclectic and talented line up. Their next show is on Friday. That’s right, May 2 with Tom Holliston, who is known for his connection with NoMeansNo, bringing his own acoustic sensibility to the store. Lotus Books, 8pm, tickets at the door (or in advance, I’d guess)..
Mike and Corinne Robinson, also Beannick members are creating a concert series that is similar to Beannick. They have already hosted Old Man Luedecke and have Sept and Oct dates booked at the Stage Door. For more info, contact Mike at music@lotic.co
There is also a couple in Kimberley hosting house concerts. They’ve had an impressive lineup and there may be a few seats available. You can try them at driftwoodconcerts@gmail.com.

Symphony of the Kootenays – Celebration of Excellence

Symphony of the Kootenays Season Finale

Open Rehearsal, Saturday April 12, 2014, 12-2pm: Key City Theatre, Cranbrook. Why? It is actually a rhetorical question. With around 100 musicians and 6 orchestral configurations in the performance it was an opportunity for the orchestra and its organizers to demonstrate the complexities of putting together the evening’s concert. Apart from the music it was a case of getting the logistics smoothed out. Judging from the smooth performance later in the evening it achieved its goal while connecting with potential audiences and patrons. Here are some images from the rehearsals.

353. Strings

 Evan Bueckert   Jeff Faragher   Martine denBok  MBSS Band   Catherine MacKinnon & Aura Pon  302.   Evan Bueckert   Anne Scott   300. Band     Robin Clegg and the Cleggetts Martine denBokCellos and Bass 360. Evan Bueckert Violins 362. Ruth Langevin    Aura Pon   Evan Bueckert  Jeff Faragher    Julian Bueckert   520.    Liz Tremblay                                               364. 404. Ruth Langevin, Catherine MacKinnon, Aura Pon & Amy Melnychuk     Barb Hume, Nicola Everton, Jonathan GreslMartine denBokRehearsals are over, it’s time for the boots to hit the pavement ……..


Last Concert of the Season, Saturday April 12, 2014, 7:30:pm: Key City Theatre, Cranbrook with guest conductor Evan Bueckert and  the following program:

  • William Tell Overture – Gioachino Rossini
  • Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 – Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Caravan – Juan Tizol / Duke Ellington arr. Saucedo
  • Blue Rondo a la Turk – Dave Brubeck
  • Harry Potter Orchestral Suite – John Williams
  • Waltz #2 – Dimitri Shostakovich
  • Concerto for Cello in E minor – Edward Elgar : featuring Jeff Faragher

The common wisdom is to start a program with something strong and familiar and Rossini’s William Tell Overture certainly filled that bill. Every person who grew up in front of the Saturday morning TV cartoons would be familiar with the thunderous brass and percussion fanfare that is the signature of that piece. After the fanfare of the overture died away the logistics crew swung into action and reconfigured the orchestra for the  Bachstring ensemble of Martine denBok, Sanja Suplevska, Robin Grewcock (violins); Graham Tagg, Alexis Moore, Duarte Silva (violas); Jeff Faragher, Anne Scott, Liz Trembley (Cellos) and Alex Nichol (bass). The string ensemble, without the usual harpsichord continuo, was grouped on stage in a small semi-circle.  It achieved the ambience of a private performance in a some old country estate and was perfect for the Brandenburg Concerto. Earlier in the afternoon, during the rehearsals, Barry Coulter (editor of the Townsman) had entered the theater just as the concerto rehearsal started and he could barely contain his excitement. His response was justified;  the performance literally bounced and sang with a vibrancy that is such a characteristic of the music of Bach. This  Brandenburg concerto was written in 1721 and, here we are nearly 300 MBSS Bandyears later, and the music is still exciting to hear. Students from the MBSS music program kicked off the jazz and concert band portion of the program with Juan Tizol’s Jazz classic Caravan. Although often attributed to Duke Ellington the Puerto Rican valve trombonist Juan Tizol, a member of Duke’s orchestra for many years, wrote the piece in 1936. Not quite as long ago as the Brandenberg Concerto but still going strong after 78 the soloists MBSS bandyears in the standard jazz repertoire (click on the link for a taste of the original  Juan Tizol’s Caravan). A more recent composition is the 1959  Blue Rondo a la Turk by Dave Brubeck that is in 9/8 with a swing 4/4 feel. The piece was incorrectly thought to be based on Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca The piece was actually inspired by a street performance by a Turkish musician. Turkish music is very big on “eighth” rhythms such as 7/8, 9/8, 11/8. etc. The MBSS musicians finished off their selection with the film music from the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter Orchestral Suite. Once again the musicians of the MBSS music program, under the direction of Evan Bueckert, continued to amaze audiences with their level of musicianship and their ability to integrate into the symphony orchestra. Dimitri Shostakovich is a Russian composer of the Stalinist era so it was surprise (to me) to hear such a Germanic composition as Waltz#2 coming from such an unlikely source. With the tubas, bass drum and  Jeff Faragherpercussion it was Oomph-pa music of a superior quality. When I heard that Jeff Faragher was going to perform Edward Elgar”s Concerto in E Minor I deliberately refrained from revisiting the definitive recording by the late great Jacqueline du Pre. I wanted to approach the evening’s performance with a clear mind unclouded by any vivid memories of that recording. I was amply rewarded by the live freshness of Mr. Faragher’s performance. For the encore percussionist Robin Clegg reworked some Bach melodic motifs into an impromptu Celtic inspired romp for cello and orchestra. It was a fitting end of an evening’s “Celebration of Excellence”. Here are some more images of the evening’s performances.

 Evan Bueckert - Guest Conductor    Steen Jorgensen - President  Jeff Faragher - Musical Director  MBSS Band   Martine denBok - Concert Master   300.   flutes & oboes        The Bottom End Dwellers Evan Bueckert    Lena Ruiz  Anne Scott Jeff Faragher  435.   Robin Clegg   Evan Bueckert   MBSS Band        Evan Bueckert Sophie Smith    Band  Sophia Smith  Jeff Faragher    Jeff Faragher  Jeff Faragher  Jeff Faragher Martine denBok  Martine denBok  Liz Tremblay   Sanja Suplevska-Bioral   437.Robin Clegg      430.

So ends a Season of Excellence. The Symphony of the Kootenays is once again back on a solid musical and financial footing and the following program for the coming 2014-2015 season promises more of the same.

  •  Concert #1 – From Old Worlds to New : Finlandia (Jean Sibelius); Holberg Suite (Edvard Grieg); Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” (Antonin Dvorak).
  • Concert #2 – A Celtic Christmas featuring Harpist Keri Lynn Zwicker.
  • Concert #3 – A Night at the Movies
  • Concert #4 – Classical Greatness featuring pianist Susan Gould playing Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor (it is a pity we have to wait a whole year for this). Also on the program Rossini’s Barber of Seville and Beethoven’s Symphony No.7

So sign up and gear up for another exciting season.




Quote of the Week – Leonard Cohen

When journalist Beryl Fox talked with Cohen for CBC-TV  on May 8,1966, you couldn`t miss the twinkle in his eye. He`d told Fox he pondered getting a tattoo and when she asked “Where? “ he deadpanned, “There`s this place on Saint Lawrence Boulevard“.

From the recently published Leonard  Cohen on Leonard Cohen: Interviews and Encounters, Edited by by Jeff Burger, Chicago Review Press, ISBN 978-1-61374-758-2, year 2014