YouTube Picks (#44) – FANDANGO

I know this is an inappropriate and  sexist comment but this lady with her great smile and fine set of castanets  is so hot  that this video is a must view. She looks like she is having so much fun. Her name is Belén Cabanes. This music was written by Luigi Boccherini around 1798 and is probably the most famous of his Guitar Quintets. This is music composed before Flamenco had been invented and before there  were Spanish Tourist Boards promoting all things Spanish.

 Ridolfo Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) was an Italian cellist  and composer of “The Classic” era. He wrote a large amount of chamber music, including over one hundred string quintets for two violins, viola and two cellos (a type which he pioneered, in contrast with the then common scoring for two violins, two violas and one cello), a dozen guitar quintets, not all of which have survived, nearly a hundred string quartets, and a number of string trios and sonatas (including at least 19 for the cello). His orchestral music includes around 30 Symphonies and 12 virtuoso cello concertos. He is a contemporary of Joseph Haydn  ….. Wikipedia

There a number of versions of this piece on YouTube all worth checking out but this is probably the best.